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All things agricultural

This page is dedicated to agricultural products and services. Most images and icons have been created as shortcuts to specific product groups but please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

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Tedder & Swather parts

Comprehensive range of tedder & swather parts. Tines, clamps, cam rollers, fixings, etc.

Tiller & Rotavator blades

Click this for an easy-to-read comprehensive list of blades

Gas struts

Whether you need a gas strut for a new-build or as a replacement, this links to a comprehensive selection guide

Which Gearbox ?

Whether you have a requirement for a PTO driven or Motor driven gearbox this link is a handy tool for identifying the right gearbox for your need. Please call us for further details

K80 Hitch Insert

This image links to the K80 Fendt insert


From motorcycles, mowers and electric fencing to cars, tractors and heavy machinery

Battery identifier

A useful aid to identifying a battery from Voltage, Ah or dimensions

Tractorfreak plaques & collectables

Wheels, tyres & inner tubes

Trailer jacking wheels & spares


Engine and hydraulic filters by application and/or reference. Most vehicle filters can be supplied from vehicle registration details. Use the photo link for tractor filters by application. Please call us if you need any assistance using the KRAMP filter selector

Forestry & Grasscare

Chainsaws, leaf-blowers, trimmers, spares, accessories, protective clothing and consumables

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Plasson pipe fittings

Front loader parts

Parts, frames & accessories

Hose & pipe clamps

Hose and tube retaining clips and clamps


Please use this image to link to our Baling page

Wearing parts

Click this link for more information on wearing parts for cultivators, subsoilers, grabs, spikes

Tiptop Tyre repair products

REMA Tiptop tyre repair patches, solutions, related tyre inflation tools and accessories. Click on the photo for more details

IAE Catalogue download

Download the full IAE catalogue and select from their range of fencing, gates, turnstiles, stabling, troughs etc. We have weekly deliveries from IAE, Please contact us for more details.

Gates & Fencing

Please use these image to link to the Gates & Fencing page

MF TED20 Spares

Most pages have useful links to our suppliers' websites, please feel free to browse and then either call us or email for prices.

Important note

The product links are only intended as an overview of our vast range of products and services. To include everything we do would be impossible so please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.