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The area's largest supplier of bearings, transmissions, maintenance components and workshop consumables. Supplier to agriculture, industry, construction, automotive and DIY

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Feel free to browse the site by using the bar above and the links within the "Products & Services" pages. Most pages have links to manufacturers' and suppliers' data bases, please use them for reference and then get back to us where we will process your order/enquiry without delay.

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8.30am - 12 noon

Important note

This site is only an overview of the products and services available from Millennium. Due to the complex nature of the service environment it is impossible for us to show or mention everything we do so please call us for more details.

Whilst we welcome enquiries and orders from non-account customers, we are mainly trade suppliers to Industry and Agriculture. Therefore, unless clearly stated, all prices quoted within this site are net and are subject to VAT at 20%

The content of this site is constantly updated. Please bookmark it and keep up to date with the progress

We are proud to support local organisations and charitable trusts

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